6.0 ton Vertical Geothermal Heat Pump

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6.0 Ton Vertical Geothermal Heat Pump


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A 6-ton Vertical Geothermal Heat Pump: How Does It Work?

The ground is consistently 45 to 75 degrees below Earth’s surface. In the winter, a geothermal heat pump draws cold air out of the building and circulates it through underground pipes to warm it up. In the summer, the process is reversed when warm air is drained from the house and cooled in underground pipes. Air that has been heated or cooled is simply moved during the process.

This method of heating and cooling should keep you comfortable all year long because it is safe, dependable, and renewable. Although installation costs are higher than for a conventional HVAC system, they may be offset in 5 to 10 years by energy cost savings.

How Do 6-ton Vertical Geothermal System Prices Compare?

There is no denying that installing a geothermal heat pump, also known as a ground source heat pump or a geothermal HVAC system, is expensive upfront. Installing modern heating and cooling systems is 30 to 40% more expensive than doing so, but before you say no, consider the following information.

Systems using geothermal energy can last twice as long as conventional ones. Since energy use is decreased, you can anticipate lower energy bills, which could eventually offset the cost of installation in 5 to 10 years. Geothermal energy is “clean,” lowering your carbon footprint.

In conclusion, you have a smaller environmental impact, lower energy costs, and your home maintains a constant temperature throughout the year. However, there’s still more!

Tax Credits Reduce the price of vertical geothermal installation

Geothermal heat pumps are among the renewable energy systems that can be installed at a reduced cost thanks to a federal tax credit that is in effect through 2024. A geothermal heat pump system may cost about the same as a furnace and air conditioner thanks to the credit. Both new and old homes are eligible for credit. Second homes are acceptable.

6.0/6 Ton Vertical Geothermal Heat Pump for Buy

Miami Heat Pump’s 6-ton vertical geothermal heat pump provides year-round heating and cooling for commercial and residential use at low purchase and maintenance costs. You can cut your energy and electricity costs by up to 80% by using natural energy.

Best in design, a beautiful illustration of modern technology, and top-notch mechanical equipment. Your questions about heating and cooling can be answered by a 6.0 vertical geothermal heat pump. Once Miamihp geothermal products are installed on your property, you can enjoy years of hassle-free living.

Can I Set Up My Geothermal HVAC System?

This is not a task that should be undertaken without expert assistance. The system must be carefully and expertly designed to take into account household preferences, home size, and various soil and water conditions. It’s worth paying a pro to get it right because a professionally installed system can last for decades and significantly reduce your energy costs.

Features of the 6.0 Vertical Geothermal Heat Pump

  • Pan and cabinet are made of stainless steel.
  • Motor with variable fan speed.
  • Unit HPXo6oVSS model.
  • Lockout for condensate overflow.
  • Low-temperature protection for water coils.
  • Timer for random restarts.
  • Each unit is top-performing and environmentally friendly.
  • The anti-short cycle timer.
  • With LED indicator in test mode.
  • Conformal coating to prevent condensation and humidity.

Compared to other heat pump manufacturers The best national warranty offered in the United States is for Miami heat pumps. Depending on your needs, enjoy a comfortable heating or cooling environment in your home. Miami heat pumps are efficient and effective in both extreme cold and sweltering heat conditions. Purchasing Geothermal heat pump products will make you happy and bring satisfaction to your life.

Purchase a 6.0 Ton Vertical Geothermal Heat Pump with a Stainless-Steel Cabinet, a Drain Pan, and a Fan Motor with Variable Speed. Look under the product tab on our website for more specific information. Visit Miamihp for more information if you need it.

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  • CABINET –    Stainless Steel, Insulated Evaporator Section, Access Panels
  • DRAIN PAN –    Stainless Steel, Insulated
  • SAFETY –    High/Low Press, Switches, Condensate Over Flow Switch, Overload Protection, AntiShort Cycle Relays – Lock Out Relays
  • BLOWERS –    Centifugal Galvanized Wheel, X13 ECM Motor
  • REF CIRCUITS –    Thermal Expension Valve 1 Circuit
  • COND COIL –    Coaxial Cupronickel Heat Exchanger
  • EVAP COIL –    Copper Tubes, Alumininium Fins
  • REFRIGERANT –    R-410A


  • EVAP COOLING CAPACITY – BTU/HR    WLHP 60,000    GWHP 68,000    GLHP 63,000
  • HEATING CAP. – BTU/HR    WLHP 70,000    GWKP 58,000    GLHP 45,000
  • FACE VELOCITY – FPM    334
  • COIL ENTERING AIR TEMP. DB/WB – F    80.6/66.2


  • AIR VOLUME – CFM    1900
  • ESP – INH2O    0.6
  • BLOWER SIZE & QTY  –  10”x10” / 1
  • FAN MOTOR-HP&QTY  –  3/4 / 1    FLA(EA)= 6.0 A


  • WATER FLOW – GPM    15.0
  • ENTERING WATER TEMP. °F    WLHP 86.0    GWHP 59.0    GLHP 77
  • WATER PRESS. DROP – FT H2O    14.5


  • TYPE & OTY    Scroll/1    RLA(EA) = 26.4 A    LRA(EA)=134 A

General Information

  • E.E.R.    WLHP 16.0    GWHP 22.0    GLHP 17.2
  • C.O.P (HEAT-PUMP ONLY)    WLHP 4.5    GWHP 4.1    GLHP 3.6
  • MIN AMP. / MAX FUSE – AMPS.    39/60
  • DIMENSION W” X L X H”    26” X 24” X 34”
  • WEIGHT – NET – LBS.    330

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