Water Source Heat Pump

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Water Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump - The Efficient Energy Saving Method

Do you often think how geothermal energy can be used for water source heat pump with efficient energy saving method? The ground absorbs half of the solar energy earth receives. As results below the ground surface of the earth temperature remain constant doesn’t matter wherever you live, but the temperature of the air alter from summer to winter as season changes?

Geothermal methods and techniques take good advantages of the constant temperature below the earth surface for water heating and cooling purpose. Piping techniques and methods are used for water cool and heat, piping techniques commonly known as “loops” exchange of water and temperature in loops gives you cool or hot water in your home or office. These loops play major role in providing cool or hot water using geothermal energy source.

Miami Heat Pump: Energy Saving Water Cooling Pumps

Miami Heat Pump is well known for water cooling system. During the summer our cooling systems can provide you best cooling by absorbing heat from your home/offices. The geothermal cooling system cools the water, and gives humidity free environment for home/office.

Our geothermal systems give you efficient and energy saving cooling, and much better than the traditional methods of cooling. Geothermal energy system are best in rejecting heat/cool from your home/office as per you need. A water source heat pump deliver the best in cooling with geothermal cooling and heating efficiency. Miami heat pump cooling/heating pumps comes in horizontal and vertical loops and absolutely the best and effective for you cooling and heating needs.

Various Configuration options available (please see PDF File )

How geothermal Cooling system does works?

For the cooling purpose, the heat process is inverted creating cool environment in your home. Heat is removed from the air in your home and moves back the heat to earth loops or use to heat again the water in your hot water tank.   

Why to Choose Miami Heat Pump for Heating & Cooling Solutions?

Miami heat pump is one of the leading company which is dedicated to create highly efficient, reliable and durable geothermal cooling and heating pump units. Over a decade our engineering, design and manufacturing in efficient water source heat pump units make us the top priority in HVAC market. Miami Heat pump well developed production, procedure and quality test ensure the promise to serve you with best of our heating/cooling system and we have all product for whether you live in cool or hot climate. 

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