15 KW Electric Heater 2 Stage

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15 KW Electric Heater 2 Stage


How does a 15 KW two-stage electric heater Work

These convection heaters gradually raise temperatures to a pleasant level. Electric Heater have finned tubular heating elements that are placed in front of a fan unit to distribute heat evenly. Electric heaters do not produce the combustion byproducts that fuel-fired heaters do. The unit can be moved with ease thanks to the tubular steel frame’s 10″ wheels and ergonomic handle and hand screw. On the top of the appliance are an adjustable thermostat control knob and an on/off switch. Easy-to-use high-limit thermal cutout switches are available. a 75A circuit breaker is needed.

Heaters are made to be installed directly over the wire. Direct wiring connections are possible with an access panel. Included is a 25′ long 4/3 SO-type power cord. It is listed under CSA and CSA-U. Wheels and handles are simple to assemble.

Description of a 15 KW two-stage electric heater

In greenhouses or other structures with low ceilings and few obstructions, a 15KW electric heater with two stages can be used. Depending on your needs, these heater units have air deflector blades. You can change the distance to throw long or short heat. In order to create a warm air blanket around the entire building, units are typically placed around the perimeter. The rate of heat loss may rise in the absence of these walls.

Why Are Electric Heaters Better Than Gas Heaters?

Gas was once regarded as the most affordable method of heating a building. With about 8 million gas boilers being sold each year in the UK, it is the most popular method of heating homes there.

However, electric heaters have developed into a more energy-efficient substitute, offering all the benefits of the previous generation of storage heaters without any of the drawbacks. There is a growing trend away from gas, which is fueled by several significant factors:

All new homes are required to meet a minimum EPC level C by law.

  • Costs: Gas heating installation is much more expensive than electric, and it typically lasts shorter.
  • Technology: Electric heating systems are becoming more capable while becoming less expensive.
  • Ecology: Consumers are more conscious of the need for sustainable, clean heating systems.

Installation of 15 KW two-stage electric heater

Compared to gas central heating, which needs pipes, vents, and ducts, installing an electric heating system is simpler and less expensive. There are no restrictions on building layout or design because they don’t need a flue or pipework. There aren’t any planning problems either. It can be installed in new construction properties during the second fix wiring stage because it only requires a straightforward connection to the electrical circuit.

A gas-certified professional must install new pipes, radiators, and a boiler in order to complete the installation of a gas system, which can take several weeks. Additionally, it might harm your possessions.

Cost required 15 KW two-stage electric heater

Daily operating costs for gas are lower than for electricity, but installation costs, maintenance costs, running costs, and the typical product lifetime should also be taken into account.

Electric heating can last up to 50% longer than the typical gas boiler, is less expensive to install than gas, and requires no maintenance. Additionally, because of its efficiency, all of the electricity you use and pay for is converted into heat.

Electric heating outperforms gas heating when all costs are taken into account. Energy is lost through the pipework during gas heating. Heat will emanate from the pipes as the heated water snakes its way through the network of pipes. Additionally, even if you only want one radiator on, you must turn the entire system on.

Buy 15 KW Electric Heater 2 Stage at Miamihp

To meet the needs of the commercial and residential sectors The best option is a Miami heat pump 15 KW electric heater with 2 stages. 51,200 BTUs of heat can be produced by an electric heater each hour. Eco-friendly electric heater. A good alternative in cases where gas is not available is to use greenhouses, warehouses, and garages. Miami heating pump offers a two-stage, 15 kW electric heater with a choice of air delivery directions.

Miami Heat Pump is in charge of producing reliable and effective geothermal heating pumps. In addition to these items, a 15kw electric heater can help you in an emergency. for more information, please contact us today!

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