Commercial Geothermal WSHP HPW Series

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Commercial Geothermal WSHP HPW Series

Miami Heat Pump geothermal WSHP HPW series is made for extreme summer or winter conditions. The Miami Heat Pump product line offer the option of introducing a fixed amount of outside air year-round or a modulating economizer to provide free cooling or heating when outdoor conditions are unfavorable.

Use and watch how geothermal WSHP HPW series heat pumps heat and cool internal environments of your office/home. A clean, reliable and energy saving heat pumps can give you more than your cooling or heating needs. A dual-source heat pump combines an air source heat pump with a geothermal heat pump. These appliances combine the best of both systems. Dual source heat pumps have higher efficiency rating than air source units, but are not as efficient as geothermal heat pumps.

Commercial Geothermal WSHP HPW Series Main features: 

  1. Nominal Capacity of 12.0 – 80.0 tons
  2. Stainless Steel Cabinet
  3. Various Voltage Ratings
  4. Galvanized Blower & Housings
  5. High Efficiency Scroll Compressors
  6. Cupro-Nickel Condenser Coils
  7. Multiple Refrigeration Circuits
  8. Diverse protections
  9. Various Configuration options available (please see PDF File)
  10. Water side Economizer
  11. 100% Fresh air applications
  12. VFD- Variable frequency drive
  13. BACnet

Larger capacity commercial geothermal WSHP HPW series indoor units installed in mechanical rooms or closet (vertical) or ceiling hung. For use in school, large open areas in offices, hotel and manufacturing buildings.

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  1. Various Configuration
  2. Various Voltage Rating 
  3. Insulated Stainless Steel Drain Pan
  4. Galvanized Blowers & Housings
  5. Belt Drive
  6. High Efficiency Scroll Compressors
  7. Cupronickel Condenser Coils
  8. Multiple Refrigeration Circuits
  9. High/Low Safety Switches, Overload protection
  10. Phase Monitor, Voltage Protection
  11. Anti Short Cycle Protection
  12. Condensate Pan Float Switch
  13. Water side economizer
  14. Hot gas bypass, reheat
  15. VFD-variable frequency drive
  16. BACnet
  17. And much more.....

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