10kw Backup Electric Heater Two Stage

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10kw Backup Electric Heater Two Stage

10kw backup electric heater two stages can be used for any emergency purpose. Electric heating is a process in which electric energy is transformed into heat. Most common appliances including space heating, cooking, water heating. A backup electric heater is use in times of emergency for various purposes as mention above.

Miami heat pump serving its customers over a decade can offer you 10 kw backup electric heater for any time of emergency whether you are in office or home. In time of emergency this heater can act as life saver for your heating needs. Apart from this heater many other kind of electric heaters are available in market.

  1. Radiant heaters.
  2. Convection heaters.
  3. Fan heaters.
  4. Storage heating.
  5. Domestic electrical under floor heating.
  6. Lighting system
  7. Heat pumps.
  8. Immersion heaters.
  9. Domestic immersion heaters.
  10. Industrial immersion heaters
  11. Direct electric heat exchangers (DEHE).
  12. Electrode heater.

Impact on Environment and efficiency aspects

The efficiency of electric is good but not best. The negative aspect of an electric heater is it can be little bit costly because the 10kw backup electric heater run on electricity to get charge. For an electrical energy customer the efficiency of electric space heating is almost 100% reason behind is it almost purchased energy is converted for space heat or building heat. The difference between the countries using or generating electrical power affects concerns about efficiency and about the environment also. Country like France and Russia use 10% is generated from fossil fuels. In Britain the percentage is 80. The cleanliness and efficiency of electricity are dependent on the source of energy.

10kw Backup Electric Heater Two Stage Geothermal Heat Pump with Stainless Steel Cabinet and Drain Pan With Variable Speed Fan Motor. Checkout more information look in our website(www.miamihp.com) under the product tab. 

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