Water to Air Heat Pumps

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Water to Air Heat Pumps

Buy Water to Air Geothermal Heating Pump Systems by Miamihp 

Miamihp is one of the leading companies in manufacturing geothermal residential water to air heating pump. Over 30 years’ experience in designing high level, durable and efficient residential geothermal water to air heat pumps. Our engineering methods and techniques are created with all latest technologiesi n Miami.

Residential Geothermal Water to Air Heating Pumps

In the cooling mode, heat is ejected from the best heat pump into the source water loop. A cooling tower provides evaporative cooling to the loops water thus maintaining a constant temperature to the unit. When utilizing open cooling towers, chemical water treatment is mandatory to ensure the water is free from corrosive minerals. In the heating mode, heat is absorbed from the source water loop and puts into the refrigeration circuit through the heat exchanger.

Various Configuration options available (please see PDF File )

Best Feature of Residential Geothermal Water to Air Heat Pumps

  • Nominal Capacity of 1.0 – 5.0 tons
  • Super-High Efficiency Performance
  • Cupro-Nickel Condensers which provide extremely long life
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Galvanized Blower & Housings
  • Various Configuration options available (please see PDF File)
  • Options available: 2 stage compressor, Desuperheater, quiet package.
  • BACnet

At Miami Heat pump all of our units are designed with latest machinery and technologies. The entire feature with Residential Heat Pumps is the best. Mentions below are the general feature of water to air heat pumps  

General Features

  1. Insulated Stainless Steel Cabinet
  2. Insulated Stainless Steel Drain Pan
  3. Variable speed Fan motor
  4. Copeland scroll compressor
  5.  Super-High Efficiency Performance
  6. Galvanized Blower & Housings
  7. Condensate Over-Flow Switch
  8. Cupro-Nickel Condensers which provide extremely
  9. long life
  10. warranty: 10 years compressor, 10 years all parts
  11. High/Low safety Switches
  12. Condensate oveflow switch
  13. Diagnostic center
  14. Dehumidification mode-connect to Humidistat
  15. Very Low Maintenance

At Miami We have designed and manufactured two types of residential heat pumps:

  1. Horizontal water to air heat pumps
  2. Vertical Water to air heat pumps

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