Water to Water Heat Pumps

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Water to Water Heat Pumps

Miami heat pump offers water to water geothermal heat pumps to assist you to save up to 80% on your heating and cooling bills. Efficient geothermal heat pumps can help you with many heating and cooling needs. Miami heat pump product products are examples of best designs, niche technology and best machinery. You can visit or call us to get your geothermal water to water heat pump according to your cooling and heating needs. Water to water to geothermal product can also be used for swimming pool.

Are you hassling paying too much for your heating, cooling and hot water bills? Miami heat Pump geothermal water to water to heat pump is an answer for all heating and cooling question. Geothermal heat pumps are most efficient, durable and stable than traditional heat pump, traditional heat pump not only create big bills even expensive attention as well maintenance is also required.

The Unites States department of Energy conducts a survey & according to that survey every typical American family spends up to 2,000 dollars per year on electricity as well on heating and cooling purpose. Using geothermal water to water heat pump you can cut the electricity bills as well you can save energy up to 80%. Enjoy the internal environment at your home according to your needs.

Eco Friendly Geothermal Water to Water Heat Pump

Looking for ecofriendly geothermal water to water heat pump for all your heating and cooling needs? With Miami heat pump you can fulfill all your heating or cooling needs. According to EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and other organization working for pollution free environment come to an equivalent conclusion that geothermal product are more efficient, durable, stable and low cost ecofriendly products than other electrical heating pumps.

Advantageous Features of Water to Water Heat Pump

  1. Energy Saving up to 80% with reduced electricity bills.
  2. Environment friendly and tax saving products.
  3. Low maintenance as well low attention required.
  4. No greenhouse effect because no fossil fuel used. Least greenhouse gasses emission.
  5. Long life material.
  6. Every geothermal product is mechanical product but still we assure noise level of our product is almost zero.
  7. Bac Net is available with every geothermal product.

Main features:Water to Water Heat Pump

  1. Stainless Steel Cabinet
  2. Coxial - Cupronickel Condenser Coil
  3. Coaxial Tube in Tube Cupronickel Evaporator Coil
    (Brazed Plated Heat Exchanger Option)
  4. Also available 5.0 ton Multi-speed Water to Water Geothermal Heat Pump using Inverted Technology Capaci ties 16MBTU – 59 MBTU E.E.R up to 31.0
  5. Options available: 2 stage compressor, Desuperheater, quiet package.
  6. Warranty-Residential units: 10 years compressor, 10 years all aprts.

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