Roof Top Units HPRT Series

HPX Series Miami Heat Pump Geothermal Units. Toll free# 866-407-8535

Roof Top Units HPRT Series

Roof Top Units HPRT Series 

Miami Heat pump is expertise and specialized in designing energy saving highly efficient roof top unit HPRT series. In keeping all the aspects and needs in mind Miami heat pump featuring roof top units for all comfort cooling and 100% O.A applications. Miami Heat Pump is energy star qualified. All models sizes share a common foot print for on-site flexibility. Miami Geothermal Heat Pump customers demand rooftop unit that provide exceptional reliability, meet touch condition requirement and competitively priced.

Featuring a capacity range from 15 to 40 ton and special units up to 200 ton, our roof top unit controls is easy with fast installing, energy saving, durable and low operating cost. Miami has deigned this product for all your heating and cooling needs.

Using geothermal product has never been so easy, durability long time stability energy saving included.

100% O.A Units Features

  1. Hot gas reheat coil w/Modulated valve
  2. Microprocessor to control leaving air temperature at reheat mode
  3. Capacity control

Main features of Geothermal Roof Top Unit HPRT Series:

  1. Nominal Capacity of 15 – 40 tons*
    *special units up to 200 tons
  2. Stainless Steel Cabinet
  3. O.A Hood with Bird Screen
  4. Multiple High Efficiency Compressors
  5. Corrosion Resistant Fin Coating
  6. Diverse protections
  7. Various Configuration options available (please see PDF File)

Nominal Capacities

  • HPRT180 -15ton
  • HPRT240 -20ton
  • HPRT360 -30ton
  • HPRT480 -40ton

Special Units up to 200 Ton

Miami heat pump is committed to design energy saving durable geothermal products for residential and commercial purpose. Using all latest technology, mechanical machineries and best engineers with professional experience brought you best roof top units with both cooling and heating options. Advanced, high-efficiency control has never been so convenient or easy. Plus we’ve built each Rooftop Unit package not just to meet, but exceed current energy efficiency requirements.

Factory Options

  1. Water cooled units with cupronickel condenser coils
  2. Various Voltage Ratings
  3. Hot gas by pass
  4. Heat pump units
  5. Heat recovery
  6. Dual point power connection
  7. Low ambient package
  8. Hot water/steam coils
  9. Fire alarm relay
  10. Variable Frequency drive
  11. Split systems

Please do not hesitate to reach us. Our creative skilled engineer’s team is ready to help you with all technical, economic as well as enhancement questions. Miami Heat Pump rooftop units are built to be as solid as they are affordable.

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Various Configuration options available (please see PDF File )


  • Insulated Stainless Steel Drain Pan
  • O.A Hood with Bird Screen
  • Galvanized Blowers & Housing
  • Multiple High Efficiency Compressors
  • Down or Horizontal Discharge
  • Voltage and Phase Protection
  • High/Low Safety Switches, Overload Protection
  • Anti Short Cycle Protection
  • Condensate Pan Float Switch
  • Corrosion Resistant Fin Coating
  • Condenser Fan Cycle Control
  • Condenser Coil Guards