Geothermal Pool Heating and Cooling Heat Pumps

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Geothermal Pool Heating and Cooling Heat Pumps

Geothermal Pool Heating Pump by Miamihp Online Store

Energy and time saving geothermal pool heating pump. Over a decade Miami has been leading heat pump manufacturer, We offer a wide range of heating pump. All our products will meet your needs. Geothermal heating as well as cooling pumps and all other Miami heat pumps are manufactured, designed to deliver best performance according to their coefficient. Most of geothermal product designed by Miami heat pump have coefficient of heating 2.0 to 4.0. 

Geothermal energy is only natural energy and it is use for heating, cooling and for many purposes. If you are using geothermal cooling heat pump. You will feel happy to know there are many advantages of using geothermal energy pool heat pump over other pool heaters.

Advantages of using Geothermal Energy

  • There is not effect of external temperature on geothermal products
  • Long time durability and stability. Can be used years-round
  • Heat efficiency increase using pipe system
  • Best in use and cheaper than gas or electric operating heaters

At Miami heat pump, we design only effective and durable geothermal products. Two of Miami geothermal cool heating pump and geothermal pool heat pump information are given below.

2.0 Ton Horizontal Geothermal Heat Pump 27.6

  • 2.0 Ton horizontal geothermal heat pump 27.6 2.0.
  • Stainless steel and drain pain with variable speed fan motor
  • Unit Model HPX024HSS AHRI certified (AHRI#4547869)
  • High/Low press, switches, condensate Over flow switch

Closing Thought

Miami Heat pump is licensed for manufacturing geothermal products. We are expert, experienced and specialized in manufacturing as well as installing commercial and residential heat pumps for your every heating or cooling need.