20 KW Electric Heater 2 Stage

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20 KW Electric Heater 2 Stage

Miami heat pump 20 KW electric heater 2 stages are designed for regular use in factories, schools, public building, warehouses or any large areas. This electric heater can be used for horizontal or down flow applications. Miami heat pump 20 kW electric heater is effective, durable, energy saver and versatile product of Miami heat pump.

Energy saving 20KW electric heater 2 stages is capable to assist you to save energy and electricity bill up to 80%. This electric is manufactured using latest technology as well as best machinery. Our electric heater is capable and goes well with geothermal heat pump as well with your air conditioning.

Feature of 20 KW Electric Heater Two Stages

  1. Single to three phases 15 kW from 5 are field convertible.
  2. Low voltage control circuit is standard except on 3 and 5kW which have line voltage control.
  3. Heavy duty totally enclosed motors.
  4. Automatic reset linear thermal protector.
  5. Available in vertical and horizontal designs.
  6. Heavy gauge die-formed steel coating.
  7. Energy efficient, stable and durable.
  8. Aluminum finned, cooper clad steel heating element.

Brief Description - 

These electric heaters are good for those areas where ceiling are high and no hurdles for horizontal and vertical moving of air.

Low cost Installation

Connection of power supply and control wiring are facilitating connection from terminal blocks. Heater is lightweight and doesn’t require any specialization to use. The cost for installation is very low.


 Thermal shocks are resistant from heating elements. Hassle free and can be used for years.

Low Maintenance

Motors are totally enclosed, permanently lubricated and thermally protected. Electric contractor, fuses and transformers are all safely installed in control compartments.

Easy to Service

Fan and motors are exposed for easy removal with lowering the unit heater. 20kW electric heater 2 stage is what all you need for your heating needs.

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  • 20 KW Electric Heater 2 Stage
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