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Reviews (14)

  • Great Tech. support

    Installed a 5 ton unit last Summer, working great!.. had some problem in heating recently.. called MHP and their technical support helped to solve the problem immediately. turned out that I had a restriction from the water line coming from the well.Thank you!!
  • At last somebody makes a good unit

    After years of searching, we got this Miami heat pump unit, it's great!! have it for about 6 months , and I also get hot water from it. saving I think like 40% on my electric bill.
  • Great Unit

    Love it!, it looks great, stainless steel. got a great deal on it.
  • Happy Customer!!

    Just bout a 4.0 ton unit with a water generator.. works great..highly recommended!!
  • Great Company,nice unit!!

    Got it for my house up north. using it for radiant floor heating.. works great! Great customer service..nice people..
  • Heat pump works great. It was minus 24 degrees with a 8 mph wind on Saturday and it was 69 degrees inside. Thank you for another great unit!
  • Another great unit!

    Heat pump works great. It was minus 24 degrees with an 8 mph wind on Saturday and it was 69 degrees inside.  Thank you for another great unit!!
  • Satisfied customer

    Very happy with my 5 ton unit.. heats and cool great... low energy cost!
  • Had my unit installed last December . It runs fine but seems a bit noisier than my previous unit. Seems more like vibration is making it a  more noticeable
  • Technical support-Thank you

    Bought my 2 units about 4 years ago.. had a problem.. tech support helped on the phone.. my water pump stopped working.. all good now.. working great.
  • Great experience ordering our heat pump from Miami heat pump every time you call the answer quickly and give you the information you need very easy to install this myself I would recommend them to anybody They definitely are a five star company
  • best Geothermal heat pump.. very satisfied.. very good customer support!
  • Happy customer

    Name: K.C. Location: Germantown, Tennessee Satisfaction Rating: 5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied Review: "My Geothermal Pump Experience" My experience with geothermal heating pumps has nothing less than fantastic!!! I own the Miami Heat Pump brand EER-26.0(horizontal). I went back-and-forth about the initial costs of the unit but I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and I have not looked back since. I was able to order the unit online and have it shipped from Florida. I found a local company to install the unit and it works great. I have not had any problems with the unit, thus I have not had to schedule any repairs thus far. I have owned the unit for almost three years now. One drawback is the costs of running the unit are sometimes on the high side but tax credits do help to off-set some of this cost. I would definitely buy this unit again. I would definitely recommend this unit to friends and I have because the unit has held up with no problems, the cost compared to other similar units was reasonable and the unit was able to be shipped to my home. The unit is also pretty quiet.
  • Happy customer!!

    Happy customer I like my new MHP geothermic heat pump (3.5 ton). It replaced a 20 year old geothermal heat pump which had performed really great. During the installation phase there were some issues but MHP responded immediately and went way beyond their effort to resolve the issues. I can recommend this company for their product and their integrity and their immediate customer service response.     John A Williams509-948-5046 cell